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Electrical Engineer


Minimum Education:


Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

1-3 years

Work area:


Job Requirements]

1, responsible for the intelligent system design of non-standard automatic production line, electrical schematic drawing, PLC software preparation, wiring diagram preparation, etc;

2, responsible for the company's automation and intelligent equipment demand research and solution provision;

3, responsible for the intelligent factory related information automation work planning, design;

4, responsible for sales, procurement, production and after-sales service to provide technical support and on-site counseling.


recruitment requirements]

1. Familiar with or proficient in digital-analog circuit, computer control, servo control, PLC industrial control system, sensor application, pneumatic and hydraulic control technology;

2, proficient in C, C language, familiar with assembly language, software development process and master common programming tools;

3, familiar with TCP/IP network communication protocol, as well as RS422, RS232, CAN bus, PROBUS and other bus communication protocols, understand the cutting of embedded Linux or vxworks operating system kernel and embedded application programming;

4. Proficient in PROTELS, AutoCAD and other computer-aided design software;

5. English level 4 or above;

6. Active design thinking and innovative thinking ability.

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Contact: Mou Rui